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Customize Your Van for Your Mobility Needs.

Explorer can assist you with your mobility needs by referring you to a local mobility conversion center nearest you.

If you, or one of your loved ones, are among the thousands of Canadians who need assistance with mobility, let us steer you in the right direction. Adaptive equipment you may want to consider includes the following:

  • Vehicle Entry

  • Brake/Accelerator Systems

  • Seats

  • Steering System

  • Driver Position

  • Other Vehicle Modifications

Whatever your wants and needs, we can connect you with people who can help. We will be happy to accommodate you and get you on your way toward your active daily life.

**Raised doors are also available for better head clearance when installing wheelchair lifts. Explorer Van Company does not install raised door/and or mobility upgrades at their facility. All mobility upgrades are performed by a third party. Explorer Van Company is not responsible for any warranty repair and/or defects caused or related by the installation of these mobility upgrades.

How GM Mobility Can Help - Available GM reimbursement for eligible adaptive equipment.


For further information regarding mobility customized vans, please contact:

Kelley Lorentz (Dealer Resources)

Toll Free: 1(855)344-8267 (VANS)



Here is an example of a van that has been modified for mobility purposes:

Mobility (1)
Mobility (2)
Mobility (3)
Mobility (4)
Mobility (5)
Mobility (6)
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